Parents Have Rights, but They Also Have Responsibilities

As the old saying goes, with rights come responsibilities.  A community member recently reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to define a parent’s responsibilities in the education of their child.  I found this to be an interesting and important topic that merits discussion, so I agreed to do so.  We…More

The Real Reasons Behind the Container Ship Backlog and Product Shortages

There has been much speculation as to why there are container ships building up off of our coasts.  I have come across conspiracy theories pointing to the Deep State having their plan executed to perfection, causing shortages for consumers by intentionally slowing or even stopping the unloading of container ships and the subsequent inland transportation…More

Stand on Founding Principles

“You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything”.  Wise words from Aaron Tippin, and possibly no truer words describe what kind of times we are living in.  As a society, we have become less and less grounded in the founding principles of our country that prevent us from chasing the laser light…More

Fathers Are Essential

Fathers have been cast aside in our society.  Whether it be called out as “toxic masculinity”, “patriarchy”, or is just good old fashioned man hating, the lie has been perpetuated and accepted in society that fathers are unnecessary outside of providing donor sperm.  What is not recognized, is it is “toxic masculinity” that teaches boys…More

Is College Necessary for Training the Workforce?

College is mostly unnecessary when it comes to training someone for the working world.  The truth is, outside of a few select professions (doctor, dentist, lawyer, teacher, scientific research fields), college is not needed in terms of training people for the workforce.  Take my profession of Supply Chain Management for example.  It is a profession…More

Keeping Our Language

It’s time we take back our language.  We need to be able to call a spade a spade, and we need to be able to utilize language freely in order to create and explain.  I believe that the co-opting and changing of our language by the left has led to the inability to adequately converse…More

Boycott Gannett Companies

As I reviewed in Ep. 49 of my podcast, USA Today has an Extremism and Emerging Threats division that is looking to dig up “right wing extremists” in the United States. Their writers are going after private citizens by digging up donor records on sites such as Go Fund Me. We need to make our…More

Tax Increases Aren’t a Panacea

What is a tax?  Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer.  A necessary evil to fund the government some will say, others may try and paint it as a patriotic duty to pay taxes.  The taxes as a patriotic duty argument is one I always found funny as it’s known that…More

We Have Become Pavlov’s Dogs

We have become Pavlov’s dog.  A quick synopsis of Pavlov’s experiment on classic conditioning for those who may not be familiar.  Pavlov noticed that the dogs he was studying would salivate when they heard or smelled food.  He then conditioned them to salivate when presented with stimuli not associated at all with food, using buzzers,…More