About Ryan and Living With Liberty

I am a born and bred Wisconsinite, an everyday American with a wife and children whom I want to love and be grateful for this country and everything it stands for. I never considered myself overtly political, but do consider myself very patriotic. I vote in every election I can, and try to be as informed as possible on the candidates, but generally stayed out of the political circus as I found the lack of common sense within our political class and bureaucracies something to be relatively ignored as it pertained to my day to day life. I was being left alone for the most part, so that was good enough for me. Then 2 things happened that changed my involvement from passive to active. First was the constant lying about President Trump by the mainstream media, and how that hatred for what he stands for had started to trickle down to encompass anyone who loves this country and the Constitution. The second thing was the obvious power play to subjugate the people that the Covid pandemic became. It was becoming plainly obvious our country was heading for a struggle to maintain it’s status as a beacon of Liberty and Freedom for the world, and just voting in every election was no longer going to cut it. To preserve our Constitutional Republic for my children and future generations, I had to do more.

Living with Liberty was born out of this need to do more. I found that as I got more active, and started consuming more content, the right had the same formula of regurgitating talking points to elicit an emotional response as the left. In my view, the right tended to be more factually correct, but it seems regardless of who you are watching, the talking points are generally the same, and aren’t always providing or sparking alternative thought. I aim to bring Midwest sensibility to the discussion, as well as provide material that sparks consideration of more alternatives that ultimately provides a path forward for us to preserve our Liberty.

Liberty isn’t a given, we must fight to protect it. Working together, we will do exactly that.