Boycott Gannett Companies

As I reviewed in Ep. 49 of my podcast, USA Today has an Extremism and Emerging Threats division that is looking to dig up “right wing extremists” in the United States. Their writers are going after private citizens by digging up donor records on sites such as Go Fund Me. We need to make our voices heard and curb this activity as it is a clear attack on any speech that does not comport with the left’s and legacy media’s ideology. Having an Extremism division sets a dangerous precedent as USA Today is not even trying to hide anymore that they are a propaganda outlet for the democrat party. As I mentioned on my show, one of my friends was attacked for making a donation to a cause she believed in. If we do not fight back against the tyranny of legacy media and their hack “journalists”, they will continue to try and squash any speech that does not fall in line with the thinking of the mindless collective. We need to inflict real material damage on these companies that continue to be activists as opposed to the apolitical, good or service providing entities they should be.

Below is the link to the Gannett company newspapers. If you subscribe to any of them, cancel it. If you visit any sites, stop (USA Today may not be listed, but it is the Gannett headliner). These papers and Gannett get their revenue through subscriptions and ad sales both in the print and web versions. Less eyes mean less revenue, less revenue means less ability to retain hack journalists who write propaganda, and eventually company collapse if they don’t get the hint. I am a capitalist through and through, and I think boycotts are horrible from an economic efficiency standpoint, but if these companies are going to go full activist mode instead of just providing their good or service, We need to spend our time and money elsewhere with companies that understand their role in society, and aren’t going to use the profits from our patronage against us in the form of political donations. Boycotting is the only way at this point to get the message across. Information on Gannett below:

Gannett Company Brands

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