We Have Become Pavlov’s Dogs

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We have become Pavlov’s dog.  A quick synopsis of Pavlov’s experiment on classic conditioning for those who may not be familiar.  Pavlov noticed that the dogs he was studying would salivate when they heard or smelled food.  He then conditioned them to salivate when presented with stimuli not associated at all with food, using buzzers, metronomes, even electric shock.  The government, politicians, the mainstream media, Big Tech, and Hollywood/Sports elites have all conditioned our response to their stimuli.  They all use the same formula, and we continue to fall for it time and time again.  Those entities have done nothing but provide us with distractions, flowery language, catchy tunes, and misinformation that have only served to get us drooling like Pavlov’s dog at the ringing of a bell.

Let’s start with the most current “Covid relief” bill that was passed.  $1.9 trillion dollars of which only 9% actually went to the American people.  $1400 per eligible person, basically crumbs when you think of how massive this bill actually is.  Yet, according to polls, there was widespread support for the passage of this bill (depending on the poll, anywhere from 61-75%).  There was even 25% of Americans who said the package was too small.  Why would they say that?  Because the government is conditioning us, and has been conditioning us, to rely on them.  Politicians, in conjunction with their useful idiots in the media, have been conditioning the citizenry to take the news bites from mainstream media as the absolute truth and not dig further or question the validity.  Who in their right mind would say a $1.9 trillion dollar spending bill, of which only 9% is returned to the people funding it, is not big enough?  This is the brainwashing of our country at work, the teaching that government will solve all our problems, and take care of us, when in fact, just the opposite is true. 

Anyone who looked into the bill, and where the money is going, would realize it is funding democrat’s wish list items and is a bail out of the democrat’s incompetent buddies running New York, California, and Illinois.  Any taxpayer who would have looked into this bill further would realize that if they are in a state that actually is fiscally responsible, they are now paying for the states that have not been fiscally responsible and are beset by corruption.  So not only does your home state have their hand in your pocket, but New York, California, and Illinois do too.  A troubling part of this bill’s passage is how these clowns in the capital peacocked around like they did us some big favor, throwing $1400 a person our way.  Even more troubling is the fact that these economic illiterates think we can spend our way out of poverty for those on the lower end of the economic scale.  There’s been a “war on poverty” since what, the days of LBJ?  We have continued to throw money down the poverty hole for multiple generations now, with nothing to show for it, there are still people in poverty.  The way to end poverty is to teach people marketable skills that employers are willing to pay for, not throw money at the problem.  Programs like this have consequences that of course the democrats never see nor think about.  Consequences like people getting fed up having the government play Robin Hood with their paychecks, so they get on the government teat as well, ballooning the cost of the program, causing more borrowing and spending of money the country will never be able to pay back.  Things like people shifting their money around in such a way that they avoid paying taxes.  We are spending our way into massive inflation and bankruptcy as a country, which could cause more poverty than what we see now. But hey, never mind all the wish list items and bailouts of states that most of the U.S. taxpayers don’t live in, the politicians are ringing the money bell and people with no forethought as to what it means for the future are drooling.

Politicians, their media shills, Big Tech, the failing family structure, Hollywood and by proxy, our failing public education system have also worked together to create this Pavlovian effect on people.  Our public schools have become indoctrination facilities, not teaching facts, not teaching kids to think for themselves, instead opting for emotional based drivel that primes the young mind to be conditioned for hair trigger responses to the emotional pleas of identity politics.  Teaching them what to think, not how to think.

Think about last summer, and how the media and politicians played up a systemic racism problem, but couldn’t actually articulate what that meant.  Politicians and the media could not provide data nor actual incidents of systemic racism to support the existence of said problem.  No matter, all they had to do was mention cop kills black man and cities were burning.  Not wanting to be bothered by having to report the details of the entire story, the media just showed the part of the story that would elicit the desired emotional response, and the “mostly peaceful” protests would begin.  Hollywood celebrities and sports figures open their big dumb mouths and spew whatever their publicist told them to say, adding to the inferno as many have been trained to look up to these morally bankrupt, out of touch with reality “stars” vs. people worthy of respect and adoration like a father, mother, pastor, or community leader.  We have been trained to look up to people who add no value to our lives, vs. those closest to us who add all the value to our lives.  We have been trained that those with money should be listened to and taken seriously, no matter how ridiculous the words are coming out of their mouths, and that those closest to us, those who add real value to our lives, and who are likely to be the actual experts, are not worthy of the time of day or consideration of their points of view.

The last exhibit of this I will present to you are the mask mandates, social distancing and Covid vaccine.  It’s clear the masks had no impact on protecting people from getting the virus, yet people still wear them, alone, in their cars, and even outside while walking their dogs.  Social distancing may have had a little more impact than the masks, but in reality the only social distancing that could be deemed to be reasonably effective is sick people staying home and not going out in public.  We were told that we couldn’t gather for the 2020 holidays, and that in 2021 maybe by the end of the year we will be able to gather for the holidays “safely”.  Even though many people followed all recommendations (that were dubious guidance at best) blindly and admonished those who didn’t, we still saw the same type of trend curve in the fall of 2020 as in the spring of 2020.  People still got sick.  Yet, America’s (least) favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci says put two masks on, well after the trend curve of positive cases was into its precipitous decline, and people blindly do it.  So what does this say about the state of people thinking for themselves?  A simple look at the Covid case trends on the CDC website and people would have seen how ridiculous of a recommendation two masks were.  The glowing box in my living room told me to double bag my face, I better do it seemed to be the thinking.

As for the vaccines.  Vaccines are good, they’ve reduced and eradicated many serious diseases that have plagued mankind.  However, the media and government bureaucrats hyped up Covid so much to the point people are willing to be the “lab rats” for big pharma to complete their studies on the effectiveness and side effects of their Covid vaccines.  Very few seem to be questioning much of anything in regards to their long term impact to our overall health, nor seem to be troubled by the most immediate side effects.  Are there many who are making the decision based on what’s best for their health situation? Absolutely.  That’s how it should be.  Make the choice based on your own research of the risk factors and your individual tolerance for that risk.  However, there are many who are willing to take it because it’s going to “return us to normal”, with few to no questions asked.  And it seems as if it’s those who are just blindly following whatever the bureaucrats tell them no questions asked are the ones who are also admonishing those who choose to exercise their choice to wait and see how the vaccine plays out in terms of side effects over the course of a longer time horizon.  There’s still many unknowns about the Covid vaccines (effect on pregnant women, or those who may want to become pregnant, and children) that warrant further evaluations and a wait and see approach to see what further study of the vaccines reveal.

The good news is we can be unconditioned.  We have to be conscious to fact that our environment is conditioning us.  We have to undertake regular self-evaluation to ensure we are remaining clear headed and not just going with the flow.  Tuning out the media is a good start, specifically the mainstream media.  At this point, it should be assumed everything the mainstream media says is a lie.  Creating this stereotype of the media being liars in our minds right out of the gate will trigger us to seek out alternative sources to verify if what we are being told is fact, fiction, or somewhere in between.  It will trigger us to question everything.  This should go for sources we trust as well.  They need to be verified as well.  There is no shortage in information sources available to check things out for ourselves, and really it only takes a minute or two to find validation or contradiction. 

We need to push our kids to the understanding that movie, music, and sports stars are entertaining, but the real people who deserve to be looked up to and emulated are those closest to them.  Those who interact with our kids directly are going to add the most value to their lives, not some celebrity type who they never interact with on a personal level.  The younger we teach our kids to not equate fame with authority on a subject the better.

Finally, we need to create in our minds that the government, particularly the federal government, is seeking total control, and that they under no circumstances are to be trusted. We need to see their fear mongering, race baiting, and tossing a few peanuts of our money back to us for what it is, conditioning us for their larger purpose of implementing authoritarian rule.  Every bill title that the House or Senate puts forth, we need to assume the opposite is the actual intent of it.  “Covid Relief” would be more aptly named “Democrat Sycophant Relief”.  HR1, the “For the People Act” is actually the “Keep the Democrats in Power in Perpetuity Act”.  The “Equality Act” is actually the “Inequality Act”.  The politicians continue to market their intentions in such a way as to cause people to let their guard down and trust the intent of the bill based on its flowery title instead of investigating the actual intentions of what our elected officials are actually trying to accomplish.  The bill authors come up with these names so people won’t actually go and check into the actual mechanics of the bill.  Would you do that with a car or house?  If the car you were looking to purchase had a name like Golden Rocket, would you just blindly believe that car to be worthy of purchase on the spot, no test drive or inspection by a mechanic required?  What if you were buying a house that had a name like Taj Mahal?  Would you just buy it on the spot, sight unseen, and no home inspection?  Why do we let that happen with these bills?  Why do we let these elected officials ram these things through without doing our due diligence?  In my opinion, it’s because they have conditioned us to believe that they will provide everything we need, that they will solve all our problems, when in fact, the opposite is true.  We need to have a healthy distrust of the government, the same distrust of government that our nation was born out of in order to preserve our liberty.  We need to condition ourselves to get back to reliance on things other than the government.  Things like churches, our family, friends, and neighbors.  We need to remember that we as individuals hold the power in terms of the direction of our lives, not a government.  We need to look at ourselves as the problem solvers, not the government.

The sooner we make the shift in our views on media, celebrities, and the government as our protector and problem solver, the sooner we break free from being Pavlov’s dogs.

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